Summer Wedding Colors for 2010

You have some hundred unique color combinations to choose from for your lovely, summer wedding. They are fun, yet elegant options. Try them out, and give your summer wedding a great, unique look.

Summer Sunset:

What can be a more beautiful backdrop then a summer sunset for a summer wedding?This look is especially great when you are having a beach wedding. With a beautiful summer wedding, with the back drop of a sunset, the following colors will work wonderfully:

  • Pinks and oranges paired with sandy colors will remind everyone of sunset meets beach
  • Yellow, orange, and red will capture sunset hues
  • Dusky grays and sky blues will reflect sunset turning to night skies
  • A range of different pinks will look like a walking sunset

All of the above mentioned colors will create a terrific reflection of a summer sunset onto your entire wedding.

Go Green:

Summer comes with lot of greenery and growing gardens. So, a garden wedding is an appropriate, and beautiful, theme for a summer wedding. What can work better than different shades of green for this particular theme?

  • Bright colors like pink, yellow, or purple paired with green will reflect flowers in a garden
  • Tropical deep greens will give you a vibrant look
  • Lavender, pink, or white paired with pale green for a soft, subtle look


If you are planning to have a poolside summer wedding, then get inspired by the following color combos such as:

  • Blue and white, which are reminiscent of a pool
  • Different shades of blue to mirror the water that has inspired you
  • Yellow and blue, which are fun, poolside shades
  • Turquoise and white, which is evocative of classy, poolside vacations

Rainbow Colors:

Summer is all about bright, assorted colors.What can be better than using rainbow colors to inspire your wedding theme?

  • Red, pink, and orange reflect the sunniness of a rainbow
  • Purple, blue, yellow, and green will give you wonderful brights to liven up your day
  • Purple, pink, and yellow will give your wedding a feminine shine
  • Bright pink, yellow, orange, and green are very reminiscent of a sunny, rainbow-filled day

Natural Neutrals:

Summer is naturally beautiful time of year.Incorporate natural, neutral colors into your summer wedding.Consider the following color schemes:

  • Different shades of cream and white will remind your guests of a beautiful, sandy desert
  • Sand and white will shimmer beautifully
  • Silver and white will reflect the nighttime moon
  • Beige and sand will have a very vacation getaway feel

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