How to Dress to Impress in Your First Day of New Job?

A new job at a new office is always exciting. Unfortunately, with this excitement, one may tend to forget about the dress code that he or she needs to maintain. It is very important for an individual to understand how his/her new professional environment works: what type of clothes, accessories, and make-up are allowed in the office.

  • You must ask and verify with your HR department about the company’s rules and guidelines in the case of attire. Now, it can also vary from department to department. So, find out the guidelines which your department follows. Ask the professional if jeans are allowed. Clear all your doubts. It’s better to ask questions rather than keeping doubts and ending up in the embarrassing situation of wearing the wrong attire.
  • You must also have a look at what your co-workers are wearing in the office. Although you have consulted HR, it’s still a good idea to check out what kind of dresses, makeup, and hairstyles your co-workers are sporting.
  • Try to think about attire that keeps you free and comfortable, especially while you’re at work. Try to wear clothes that keep you comfortable while working. You must also try to wear comfortable shoes, so that you can do a lot of running and walking if necessary.
  • You can also consult your friends working in same field about how to dress in your new office. For example, if you are going to work at an advertising agency, then ask a friend working in an ad agency about the dress code that is usually followed within those types of companies.

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