How to Wear Color

A man should know how to wear different colors to make himself stand out from the vast crowds of black and gray. Now the most important thing about wearing color is to understand color first. You need to understand which colors go well with your skin tone and which ones suit your personality.

Tips for Wearing Color

Colors are based on season

You need to understand that choosing colors relates back to certain seasons. Everyone’s complexion and color can also be described in terms of seasons, like a person with warm and muted coloring being compared to autumn anda person with cool and clear coloring for winter. If one has warm and clear coloring, then he is spring and a person ,with cool and muted coloring is summer.

Warm skin tones have yellow undertones, whereas cool skin tones have blue.

If you are a person who has golden skin, then you know you are considered to have a warm skin tone, whereas people with red cheeks have cool skin tones.

Check out the colors that go well with your natural coloring

If you have a winter coloring, then you can wear clear, cool colors like black, navy blue, white, etc. If you have spring coloring, then the colors which you should opt for must be warm and clear colors like salmon and lime.

Quick Color Reference Guide

  • Fair Skin – You can try grey.

  • Beige Skin – You can try blue.

  • Dark Skin – You can try red or pink.

  • Golden Skin – You can try green.

  • Bronze Skin – You can try orange or pink.

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