Best Beachwear for Women with Curves

Who said beachwear is not for rounder women with curves? All you need to know are some of the right tips to look great while wearing clothes at the beach. Here are some quick tips for those with a bit of a tummy to choose the perfect beachwear for their specific shape.

After all, everyone is different and has the choice to mix and match different outfits to find what best suits and flatters their body and shape. To make the right choice, you need to follow certain “Do’’sand “Don’t’’s while picking a style.

How to Select the Best Beachwear for Women with Curves


  • There are certain styles that will help you to hide your extra weight, wider hips, round curves, and large bust.
  • If you are having a problem with the weight on your tummy, then try to go for a flattering tankini. This will provide a support and lift to your bust as well. Its looseness and draping over your round tummy helps to hide your imperfections. This gives you a good overall look and a much more flattering look than a one-piece would.
  • You may also pick a one-piece, but try to pick ones with vertical-print tops. This will make your body look longer.


  • There are certain things that you must avoid wearing if you have round curves.
  • Avoid opting for retro pants with a straight cut and lie low on the leg. This style makes you look short and wide and your legs will appear to be thicker. You must also avoid light colors.

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