How to Choose Sunglasses According to Your Face

Be it summer or  winter, sunglasses will always give a little something extra to your look. There are people out there who can’t even drive without wearing the right pair of sunglasses, and there are also people who simply like to wear them to give a stylish edge to their look.One thing that you must keep in mind is to choose the pair that is right for your face.

How to Choose Sunglasses According to Your Face

If you want to look really good with sunglasses on, then you must choose the right sunglasses according to your face. How will you do that? Well, look at the following tips, which will surely help you in picking the right pair.

Wide-Set Eyes

If your eyes are wide-set, then you must go for a pair with a darker and thicker bridge. This will give an illusion of your eyes being closer together and make you look stunning.

Narrow or Close-Set Eyes

People with narrow or close-set eyes should opt for glam. You should go for sunglasses with stylish outer edges. These will focus all the attention on the outer edges, which will make your eyes look bigger.

Small Face

If you have a small face, you should opt for small lenses like aviator sunglasses. You should also choose a pair that is made out of thinner plastics and lightweight metals. This style will make your face look equal to that of your sunglasses instead of wearing too big of a pair and making your face look even smaller.

Long Nose

If you have a long nose, then I would suggest you go for a pair of sunglasses with a straight brow bar. This will make your nose look shorter, because visually it will cut the size of your nose in half.

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