How to Dress to Impress at Work on a Casual Friday

Casual Fridays are usually popular with all employees within most jobs. At the same time, it can be tricky to get down a look. Although everyone likes to wear casual clothing to work, many people especially women can have a hard time in differentiating between unprofessional and business casual. So, let me give you some tips which will help you to dress to impress at work on a casual Friday.

Tips to Dress to Impress at Work on a Casual Friday

  • First, you need to do a little bit of observation on how your colleagues usually dress themselves for a casual Friday. Try to learn about the corporate culture at your specific job, and incorporate that in your style of dress. Follow the handbook that the company provides you to ensure that you are still dressing within the guidelines.
  • Dressing casually does not give you the freedom to wear anything and everything. There are some styles of clothing that you must avoid, such as clothes with frays or holes. Although your company may allow you to wear jeans and t-shirts as casual,avoid wearing frayed jeans or t-shirts full of holes.
  • Although you can wear casuals on Friday, still make sure that whatever you are wearing is neat and ironed. Looking clean makes you look more smart and professional even if you are dressing casually.
  • Avoid logos and quotes. Maybe your company’s handbook did not mention it, but you still need to be careful. Do not wear clothing with quotes on it that may be offensive to your co-workers and seniors.
  • Avoid over-dressing.You should dress appropriately and not overdo it. Remember: it’s not a beach party that you are attending; you are still going to work.

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