How to Create a Man’s Basic Wardrobe for College

Be it for man or woman, you need to have a basic wardrobe for college. This helps you to pick out clothes quickly and with more ease. When it comes to a man’s basic wardrobe for college, you must try to follow these certain tips to create the perfect wardrobe for yourself:

  • First and foremost, find the clothes that fit you properly. This is the most important aspect of creating a perfect basic wardrobe.
  • Include things that make you smell good. This is another important thing which must be there in a man’s basic wardrobe. Include deodorant, cologne, perfume, body wash, etc.
  • Include day-to-day basics like some pairs of jeans that fit well, short-sleeved shirts, and t-shirts in neutral and basic colors like black, white, blue, red, etc.
  • Try to include cool weather basics like sweat shirts, hoodies, jackets, and sweaters. Also include warm weather basics like shorts, flip-flops, quarter pants, caps, sunglasses, etc.
  • For evening wear, include a dark-colored denim, button-downed collared shirt, and a pair of formal shoes. For cold weather, try to keep around a blazer or jacket. With accessories, try to include a classic watch and a great leather belt.
  • You must also include professional outfits for any job interviews or presentations in class. For this you should include a neutral colored dress shirt, a great-looking tie, a black jacket (optional), a comfortable and good fitting trouser, and formal shoes with matching socks.
  • You must try to include different accessories in your wardrobe.

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