How to Dress to Impress at a College Reunion?

Dressing for your college reunion is just like dressing up for any other event or party. The only difference is that dressing up for this event may bring back all of your college memories, and you may incorporate some of your old style into your new look.

How to dress to impress at a college reunion

  • You must always read the instructions that are included in your invitation. Find out if there is a theme or a dress code that you need to follow. If anything about such is not included in the invitation and you are confused, call up the organizer to find out all the details.
  • Next, you must choose your dress according to relevant activities. For example, if it is being held at your college’s football field, then a t-shirt or maybe a sweatshirt coupled with jeans is a perfect outfit to wear. For a black tie event, an evening gown or tuxedo is a must if you want to dress to impress.
  • Whatever you wear, try to be comfortable and free in it. You should wear clothes that you like to wear. Avoid wearing clothes that cause you a hassle.
  • You can always include something related to your college life with your outfit.
  • You must also be very comfortable with your footwear. No matter what shoes you wear, they should be comfortable enough for you to walk and dance at the party.
  • You may also go for a new haircut. Add a little pizzazz to your look by trimming and styling your hair. This will give you an edge and be a nice surprise for your friends who haven’t seen you in a long time.

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