How to Dress to Impress If You Are a Tall Woman

You may think that choosing clothes for a tall woman can be a little tricky. In my opinion, it can be relatively easy if you follow certain rules while choosing clothes. Are you a tall woman who wants to dress to impress? Well, just follow these tips:

Tips to dress to impress if you are a tall woman

  • You must try to wear clothes that make you look less tall. Go for a medium-length skirt with a little flair at the end. Avoid showing your legs, as this will make you look taller. Try to go for long dresses and skirts that will shorten the appearance of the body’s length.
  • You can always pair up a skirt with a top to appear shorter. Tuck in your top under the skirt, and combine it with a belt at the waist. You can also appear shorter by wearing low-rise pants or jeans.
  • Pick up a style that has a little more fabric while making sure it is not baggy. Another way to make yourself look shorter is by sporting up with long jackets. You must also try to pick up patterns with horizontal lines. Try to avoid the color black if you are slim and tall.
  • Last but not least, regardless of your height or what you are wearing, you need to behave with the utmost confidence. Be yourself, and feel pride for the way you look and dress.

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