How to Dress to Impress at the Office

Your clothes and appearance tend to speak about your personality. It’s very important that you keep it proper, especially when you are at work. One must keep his/her office look, simple, elegant, presentable, and according to his/her company’s image.

Tips to dress to impress at the office

Wear proper shoes

The most important thing about one’s look is the shoes they are wearing. It is very important to wear clean shoes that are in good condition in work places. You must avoid wearing sandals and flip-flops at your work. Wear clean socks too. If you are wearing open-toed shoes, then do not forget to keep your nails clean and nicely shaped.

Wear proper underwear

You must wear proper and comfortable underwear with your formal dress. Avoid transparent clothes, as well as clothes that reveal your panty lines.

Avoid being too revealing

Try to avoid revealing clothes that are short or too small. You must avoid showing your skin. Do not go for short skirts and low-neck shirts or blouses because they can be distracting and make you look desperate. Try to wear a knee-length skirt with a covered blouse.

Avoid wearing labels

Try to avoid wearing labels, slogans, and other captions on your clothing. You must remember that when you are working, you should be representing the company. Avoid t-shirts with labels, slogans, and captions of other companies.

Use fewer and simpler accessories

You must use fewer accessories while dressing up for the office. Try to wear jewelry that goes well with your professional look. Avoid adorning yourself like a Christmas tree. Try to keep it simple and sweet, but as elegant as possible.

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