Tips to Dress to Impress

Want to look good? Want to impress people with your personal style? Well, then let me give you some basic pointers, which are usually overlooked by people. These steps are absolutely essential for impressing others and looking fashionable.

How do I dress to impress?

Dress accordingly

You must always try to dress according to the occasion. Some of us either tend to overdo it or to under-dress. Well, if you want to look good and appropriate, then stick to the theme of the occasion. An example of dressing inappropriately would be how some people wear high-heeled shoes to school whereas some wear t-shirts and jeans to a wedding.

Keep your clothes clean

Whatever you are wearing, try to keep it clean and smelling good. This helps you to impress people with your clothes.

Buy proper size

Try to buy the size that fits you well. Do not buy a dress that is too tight or a dress that hangs loosely around you and makes you feel like a hanger. The proper fit makes you look good and feel confident.


You must wear the right clothes that mix and match. Try to match all the colors that you are wearing. Now, matching does not have to do with colors only, so keep in mind fabric, style, and material as well.


Dressing to impress is not always just about the right dress or right color; it’s also about the right accessory. Wearing the right earring or right watch can really add a little extra something to make your dress and you look stunning. It’s very important to choose the right accessory according to the overall look you’re trying to achieve.

Be natural

Fashion is also about being natural and yourself.

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