How to Choose a Flattering Swimsuit!

Choosing the right swimsuit helps to accentuate a woman’s proportions. The right mixing of colors, choosing flattering prints and finding the right silhouette are all important to the selection process, so let’s find out how you can find a flattering swimsuit to show off this summer!

Tips to choose a flattering swimsuit

  • If you are heavy at your bust and belly, then try to go for blocks of colors, which will help to divert attention from your bust and belly. Try to choose one-piece swim suits with bright and dark colors.
  • Choose swimsuits that makes you look thin and minimize your flabby areas. For example, if you have wide hips, then try to go for a style that has cuts at the side.
  • If you have a small bust can enhance it with a light-colored, padded halter-top paired up with an under-wire. You may also go for swimsuits that give some texture or have small prints to divert attention from the bust.
  • If you’re short and petite, then stick to one-piece swimsuits that have vertical, thin stripes. This will give an elongated impression.
  •  Do you have well toned legs and nicely cut arms and shoulders? Then you can flaunt your beach-ready body with a string bikini or a one-piece cutout swimsuit.
  • You can always create your own two-piece swimsuit. Just find companies that provide a wide variety of mix-and-match options. Choose the combination that is right for you! Women of all sizes can have a sexy two-piece swimsuit with options ranging from original bikini cuts to tank top and boy-short pairings!

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