Wardrobing tips for your summer collection!

Summer clothes are all about color and comfort. You need to pick styles and designs that make you feel free, cool, and comfortable, yet very stylish. To achieve the perfect summer look, you need to focus on key factors that will make your wardrobe shine!


The most important thing to consider while updating your summer wardrobe is fabrication. You must include fabrics that are light, comfortable,  and have lots of breathability. Linen, cotton, rayon, and denim are some of the natural fabrics that go well with the summer heat.


Though mild and light colors reflect heat and light, bright colors are the main mantra of a summer wardrobe. Try to include some bright colors like blue, yellow, orange, red, pink, and green.


Avoid all kinds of tight, body-hugging clothes. They don’t allow your skin to breath and tend to cling to your body! Loose fit garments are most popular in the summer. They allow proper ventilation and let the air circulate between the body and the fabric.

Necklines and sleeves

Scoop neck and a V-neck are the most suitable for summer weather. Try to avoid closed neck tops and cardigans, as they make you feel hot and suffocated. Sleeveless, short sleeves and half sleeves are the best options for being stylish and cool!


It’s very important to keep your footwear airy and free flowing during summer time. No one wants to walk around with sweaty, stinky feet! Go for strappy sandals, flip-flops, flats and so on, which keep your feet dry and comfortable.

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