Top 5 Summer Hair Accessories to include in your Summer Wardrobe!

Hair care is very important during all seasons, but summer hair care is especially important, as you don’t want to let too much heat get to your hair, and you don’t want to get too hot from your hair. Too much heat on one’s hair can cause it to break off an dry out, and wearing certain hair styles can cause you to be hotter than what you have to be when out in the heat. Here are some hair accessories that are stylish, help retain moisture to hair and prevent a sweaty neck and back from long hair!


Bandanas are one of the best hair accessories to beat the heat during summer. They cover your hair completely and protect your hair from the heat. Not only do they provide protection to your hair, they are also very stylish. They come in different styles, designs, patterns, and colors. You want to  stock up on floral, stripe and solid patterns to create a fashionable summer look.


Headbands are simple, easy to use and very popular. People with all kinds of hairstyles and lengths use headbands! This hair accessory keeps your hair away from your face, and creates a neat, stylish look. There are several types of headbands to choose from, including behind the ear, half headbands and elastic, full headbands.

Hair clips

You can use hair clips or barrettes to pin back those loose hairpieces that tend to get in your face and cause irritation. Instead of pulling all of your hair back into a ponytail, you can use hair clips to pin certain section of your hair down and keep it away from your face. Hair clips are available in various styles, patterns, designs and colors.

Baseball caps

Baseball caps may sound a little bit anti-style, but trust me, they go really well with summer styles- and with baseball being in season for summer sports, baseball caps are definitely in season for summer fashion! From strolling on the beach to enjoying a game at the stadium, baseball caps are a must have to look stylish and to keep the sun out of your eyes.

Head wraps

Head wraps are the thicker version of head bands. They are perfect for the summer heat, and that keep your hair neatly contained around the edges, and they are fashionable as well. Try to choose bold and bright, colors and patterns so that they will stand out with your outfits.

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