Great fabrics for your summer wardrobe!

One way to beat the beat in summer is to have a variety of fabrics in your wardrobe! Fabrication is an important factor in determining one’s level of comfort during the dog days of summer, so fabrics that are light and smooth should be at the top of your shipping list! Try to avoid fuzzy fabrics and spun fibers, as they can stick to you and make any outfit a bit uncomfortable.

Top 4 summer fabrics


Linen is one of the best summer fabrics to include in your summer wardrobe. It usually comes in different weights, from ultra thin to heavy. Linen is a fabric that is durable, strong, absorbs sweat and dries fast. The only concern to have with linen garments is that they wrinkle very easily, so try to focus on blends as opposed to pure linen if you’re not big on the wrinkled look.


Cotton is the most popular summer fabric. It is well known for its comfort, softness and breathable nature, which allows for cooling while out in the sun. Cotton is available in different blends, colors and qualities. Cotton usually can be a wrinkly fabric as well, so try to go for a polyester and cotton blend. Polyester does not need to be ironed, and cotton will keep you cool.


When you compare rayon with other fibers or fabrics, you will find that it is a good conductor of heat. Thus, rayon is a good fabric for summer clothing, as it can hold heat better than cotton and linen.


Denim is another great option for summer fashion! Although it is a heavier fabric, denim shorts, skirts and light denim jeans are good choices for durable garments that can help keep you cool during the hot summer days.

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