Great colors for your summer wardrobe!

A key element in any summer wardrobe is color variety! Colors show off style and personality, and color choices vary from person to person- from patterns to solids, colors are an integral part of summer wardrobes and can make or break someone’s style! There are three key ‘looks’ that are to be considered for building a personal summer collection- light summer, cool summer and soft summer. Let’s see exactly what colors make these styles pop!

Colors for Light Summer Look

A light summer look includes colors such as grey, light grey, blue, light lemon, taupe. cocoa, powder pink, rose pink, coral pink, rose, clear salmon, blue green, spruce, sky blue, lavender, violet, light aqua, and clear red. Celebrities including Reese Witherspoon enjoy this color scheme for their summer wardrobe!

Colors for Cool Summer look

A cool summer look  includes colors such as light grey, cocoa, light brown, taupe, light brown, icy pink, deep rose, green, jade, aqua, true aqua, light aqua, buff, burgundy, lavender, navy, periwinkle, warm dusty purple, dusty purple, turquoise, and soft fuchsia. One Hollywood style lover that takes on this facet of summer color choice is Amanda Bynes!

Colors for Soft Summer look

Finally, a soft summer look includes colors such as light grey, cocoa, raspberry, rose, medium grey, burgundy, light lemon yellow, soft fuchsia, baby pink, jade, light green, green, navy, periwinkle, forest green, deep rose, rose pink, taupe, lavender, teal, dusty purple, and turquoise. A celebrity that shows great style choices for this color scheme is Carmen Electra!

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