Top choices for your summer wardrobe!

Summer tops are essential to building the right wardrobe for the hotter season and vacations. Whether you are at the office or attending a casual date, it is important to be comfortable and stylish with easy-going, versatile tops. Before you hit the streets, or the beach, make sure your summer wardrobe is well stocked with fun and flirty tops!

Summer tops, that you must include in your summer wardrobe


First and foremost, undergarments are crucial to a summer wardrobe! From a lack of comfort to bra and panty lines showing through clothes, poor choice of underwear can lead to an ultimate failure in your summer style choices. Try to wear cotton underwear for comfort and freedom, and make sure that you wear bras that don’t show through your tops- strapless and convertible bras are a must!

Halter tops

Halter tops are the most popular summer tops found in any summer wardrobe. It looks best on women who have an excellent upper body, as they showcase the upper back, collarbone, neck and arms. Halter tops can be found in numerous fabrications and colors, and they are best for casual occasions and night life!

Tube tops

Tube tops are another option for summer fashion, but wearing them can bring some obstacles due to the lack of support and straps. Women with small busts are often limited to tube tops that fit tightly, as the loose tops may slip off. Women with larger busts risk the obstacle of the tube top not being able to stay in place. However, this does not mean that tube tops are no good for a summer wardrobe. If you are looking to invest in tube tops, then be sure to have strapless bras to prevent sagging of the breasts and fashion tape to ensure the top stays in place! Tube tops can be worn at work where the dress code is a bit casual; they can be paired with a light summer sweater, jacket or a cardigan. If you are looking to show off those shoulders, then definitely throw on a pair of skinny jeans and some heels for a night on the town or a trip to the mall!

Tank tops

Tank tops are the most common tops for women of all shapes, sizes and style preferences! Tank tops are perfect for almost any occasion and setting. They can be paired with a blazer or cardigan or the work place, worn alone for casual wear, or dressed up with a sleeveless sweater or cardigan for nightlife.  Camis are tank tops that are close fitting and often have built-in bras; these are perfect for light summer layering pieces as well as general undergarments. Other, basic tank tops have various neck line cuts, from V-neck to scoop neck, that can be changed out for whatever occasion they are needed for! Scoop neck and high neck tanks can be layered with a blazer or jacket for the office, and V-neck tanks can be worn to the beach, the mall or any other everyday function! Tank tops are comfortable and extremely versatile; they are a must have for your summer wardrobe!

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