How to pick a sun dress which flatters your figure?

Sundresses have always been fun and versatile summer fashion. You can always jazz them up with bright accessories, dress them up with high heels or keep things simple with a pair of flat sandals. The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a sundress, however, is to make sure the dress flatters one’s figure!

Tips to pick a sun dress that flatters your figure

  • If your legs are beautiful and slim, then try to pick a sundress with side slits. Show off those gams! But if your legs are bit heavy or out of shape, then conceal them under a long dress along with a flowing skirt.
  • If you have heavier hips, then try to wear an A-line dress, or go for a knee-length dress with some flare on the edges. It’s great to be curvy, but you don’t want to look or feel ”wide as all outside”.
  • If you want to create an illusion of a bigger bust, then go for an empire waist dress. You can also wear a ruffled dress to downplay your small chest. Keep it cute and classy, but be sexy as well!
  • Try to sport up your well-toned shoulders with a great halter sundress. The low-back cut and minimal fabric around the shoulders are a perfect way to showcase the end product of summer workouts!
  • You can opt for strapless or spaghetti straps to show your long, sexy neck! Also, a V-neck or an open collar is perfect if you want to flaunt your sexy neck bones!
  •  If you are short, then consider a short or mini dress. This will give an illusion of longer legs, especially when paired with a pair of heels or wedges!
  • Although summer is the perfect time to play with colors, lean towards darker colors if you are trying to look slimmer than what you really are. A key color for this trick is black!
  • Silk may be light, but it can make you feel hot. Go for fabrics like synthetics and cotton in the summer days. Linen is also a good fabric for the warmer seasons!

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