Tips for Storing Your Summer Wardrobe

It is very important that you store your summer wardrobe properly so it stays in good condition for next summer. Storing clothes for a year is quiet a long time, so you must store your summer wardrobe in a place that it is easily accessible but not on your way.

How to Store Your Summer Wardrobe Properly

  • Before preparing your winter wardrobe, try to go through your summer wardrobe and see what are exclusively for the summer season. For example: swimsuits, tank tops, capri pants, shorts, sundresses, flip-flops and cover ups are all summer wear.
  • Review your clothing one by one and separate the items that may also be used in winter. This will depend on your lifestyle, habits, and environment. For example, you may wear flip-flops around your house, or you may wear tank tops while working out at the gym.
  • Pack your bathing suits into a plastic bag unless you plan to swim at indoor swimming pools. Fold beach gear like swimsuits, cover ups, sarongs and wraps first so that other essential things which you may need can be placed at the top of the storage box or suitcase. Wrap these carefully in a plastic cover, as they are usually made out of soft fabrics.
  • Now fold all other summer clothes like shorts, capri pants, t-shirts, and tank tops and place them on top of the beach gear. After this, pack all the summer footwear you have decided not to wear until next summer. Keep all other summer items like hats, beach towels, sunscreen and other summer accessories on top of the packed footwear.
  • Last but not the least, close the box or suitcase and mark it clearly so you know it’s your summer wardrobe safely intact in the box. Now store it in a cool, dry place somewhere out of your way.

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