What does a fashion designer actually do?

A fashion designer is someone who is responsible for coming up with new design concepts for all kinds of lifestyle accessories and clothing. According to web definition, fashion design is the applied art dedicated to clothing and lifestyle accessories created within the cultural and social influences of a specific time. Fashion design is a diverse career field. A fashion designer is involved in development of a new collection from sketching the design to putting together the showcase or fashion show. Designers are also equally responsible for marketing their products and researching various styles and trends. Below are the various aspects of the role of a fashion designer.


First and foremost, before starting a new creation, a designer always researches both current and future styles and trends. They go through numerous trend reports, which are put together either by various fashion trade groups or by their own research.


After doing wide research, they come up with their preliminary design ideas, and  put them into sketches using either paper or computer design software. As today’s technology has expanded, some designers may use both methods- first sketching a look on paper, and then further bring it to life via a design program.

Choosing materials

Choosing the right materials and fabrics are key to putting together the new collection effectively. Designers will visit various fabric trade shows and fabric manufacturers to see which fabrics and patterns will suit his or her designs.

Retail samples

At first designers will use an affordable fabric to create samples, which will give a preview of what the final product will look like; however, if funds allow and they are confident in the design, then they don’t shy away from making sure the client can really see and feel what they have to put on the market.


Marketing is another very important job of fashion designers. Designers market their creations in different fashion shows and trade shows. This is the time when different retailers place orders with the designers who have collections worthy of distribution.

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