How do I get a body like a fitness model?

Great figure, fit posture- who wouldn’t like to have a body like a fitness model? You may think that you need to really work hard to make this dream come true, but a lettuce diet or an expensive trainer will give you the same result as these following simple steps will!

Lower body workouts

You need to make your lower body strong and toned to get a fit body like a fitness model. For this, try to perform leg raises, squats and lunges at least twice a week.

Upper body exercises

Do not neglect on your upper body, and try to escape from heavy lifting. Fitness models work out and exercise hard to make themselves strong. Especially for females, it’s needed, as there are no hormones to bulk them up. Push-ups, pull-ups and weight lifting will build strength and tone the arms and cheat area to show off the cuts that we see in various magazines and infomercials.

Abs exercises

Crunches and sit-ups are the best ways to get toned abs like a fitness model, but make sure you don’t overdo it.

Eat healthy and take proper diet

Try to eat healthy and take a proper diet. Eat small meals frequently throughout the day. Make sure you consume a lot of food items that are rich in fiber and protein, and make it a point to consume fresh and raw vegetables and fruits as much as possible.

Drink lot of water and focus on overall health of the body

Consuming lots of water helps to eradicate bloating and keeps the body hydrated throughout the day and after workouts. Be sure to do 20-30 minutes of cardio everyday, and don’t shy away from other remedies such as Yoga and Pilates that not only help tone the body, but also encourage spiritual and physical well-being.

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