How to assemble modeling portfolios…

For a struggling and aspiring model, a modeling portfolio is a very important tool to have. It works as a resume for models and showcases their personality and work. So, whether you are freelancer or signed up with a modeling agency, a good modeling portfolio is must for a successful career.

  • Before starting a portfolio, you must decide what type of modeling you will go for. Whether you want to go for freelancing or do glamour and swimwear. According to your choice, you must have your photos. If you want to go for high fashion, then you must opt for high fashion images. Try to have some realistic pictures.
  • Refer to some magazines and other publications as guides for shooting the right pictures. This will also help you in understanding what type of shoot you need to have.
  • If you have signed up with a modeling agency, then your agent will guide you with the shoot- what type of shoot you need to have and recommended photographers.
  • In the case of freelance models, one needs to search for on-line modeling communities and other outlets to get a hold of a good local photographer. Prior to hiring the photographer for the task, make sure to go through his or her work and photographs. Make sure the individual is suitable for the work you want done. As you find the appropriate photographer, be sure to discuss your looks, concepts and themes.
  • Before going for the shoot, make sure that you have everything you need with you, and be sure to have hair and make-up done professionally.
  • After the pictures are taken, choose the best ones out of the photo set. Make sure you include a full body shot, a ¾ body shot and headshot.
  • Purchase a classy and appropriate portfolio book to place your photos and official resume in. A portfolio book can run from economy price to expensive; it all depends on your budget. You must continuously update the photos in your portfolio in order to show that you are serious about your career and continuously working to be your best. Plus, clients like to see recent photos.

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