What is Fashion Merchandising?

When fashion and business meet, it’s known as fashion merchandising. It involves marketing fashions to retailers, wholesalers and various boutiques. The main motive of a fashion merchant is to connect customers and buyers with the artistic concepts of fashion and design. Fashion merchandising includes high-level knowledge and usage of business strategies and techniques.

The significance of fashion merchants

Fashion is always on the go, and it is changing all the time. A fashion merchant must have excellent knowledge in textiles- fibers and fabrics. The merchant deals with buying and selling merchandise for retailers, which means that he or she must be able to pick out the best styles and product quality for any target market. In this competitive scenario, if a merchant wants to stand out, then he or she needs to know what’s on the market market, what customers want now and what they will want in the future.

Function of fashion merchants

A fashion merchant’s basic functions are attending fashion shows worldwide, negotiating with retailers and suppliers, buying and purchasing fashions and creating store displays. A merchant has the responsibility of bringing any new style to the attention of a retailer’s target audience and presenting the collection in a way that is captivating and visually pleasing, so customers will make purchases without too much work on sales associates. The fashion merchant sets up the “silent sellers”- mannequins and marketing displays- in order to drive sales to independent shoppers and assist customers with developing styling ideas.

Features of fashion merchandising

A fashion merchant must have an immense interest in and passion for fashion, as well as knowledge of the business and full understanding of how it works. Anyone working in fashion merchandising must have a creative mind, a keen eye for detail and an ability to think outside the box. Fashion merchandising is a fun career that leaves a lot of room for creative freedom, especially when executing sell-down strategies- remerchandising a room when product gets low on the sales floor. From buying and selling product to the experience of attending fashion shows to getting the product set up beautifully on the sales floor, merchandising is an aspect of the fashion industry that is fun, creative and very busy!

What do I need to become a fashion merchant?

If you are planning for a career in fashion merchandising, then you need to have a proper degree or course in fashion merchandising from a recognized institute. There is opportunity to work your way up from the bottom within a brand; however, you would need to prepare to start out with a part-time position in a stock room or sales support position.

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