What is the average size of a fashion model?

The average size, or measurement, of a fashion model seems to be the most burning inquiry for all those who aspire to be a model. High-fashion models typically weigh about 110lbs. Generally it’s the measurement of the bust, hip and waist that matters, as opposed to the weight and body mass.

A majority of female models are below the weight of an average teenager that stands 5”8. This is due to most models being generally underweight for their age or height. Now, if you want to attain the average weight of model, then you need to have it naturally, not by losing weight, as you can’t maintain the desired size by eating healthy.

Models are very particular about having a proper and healthy diet in conjunction with exercising regularly. It’s a misconception that models go for a strict, low-calorie diet. Instead, they go for a strict diet of healthy and nutritious food. Their diet includes more green vegetables such as cucumbers, broccoli, lettuce, cauliflower and lean meats like chicken and fish.

According to me, these unrealistic sizes for models should be changed in the present modeling scenario. The current standard not only affects a model’s diet and food habits, but also encourages the younger generations to go hungry in order to look slim and stylish. Modeling may look very glamorous and sparkling from the outside, but it’s equally difficult and challenging on the inside. After all, there is the famous saying, “All that glitters isn’t gold.”

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