Do I need any education to be a fashion designer?

When it comes to apparel development, one must have a degree in fashion design. Employers often prefer to appoint people with a college degree in the field. So, one must opt for a course or a degree in fashion design in order to build a successful career in this business. In some cases, students opt for a marketing course along with their fashion design degree; others prefer to attend an art school to see what interests them and where they excel before applying to a fashion school.

Schoolings which you can opt for a career in fashion design

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Many universities, private art and design institutes, and colleges offer this course of study. During this four-year course, students learn sketching, draping, pattern-making, clothing construction, computer-aided design and portfolio development.

Associate of Arts

This is a two-year degree, which is offered in many universities and colleges. This particular degree, or course, gives more importance to the business aspects of the industry including selling, manufacturing, promoting and buying.

Art School

Many students like to attend an art school where they can get proper training in sketching and basic techniques of art and design. Most students want to find out what are they good at, so four years of art school helps them to recognize their talent and creativity.


A certificate in fashion design is usually offered by vocational schools, which helps a person to create a portfolio. The certification program provides a basic understanding of fashion to the students.

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