What do I need to be a fashion model?

Today modeling is a very popular career, as it is fun and well acclaimed. All you really need to have in order to become a model is the right attitude; however, a career in modeling can be a little bit tricky, as there is huge competition in the market. A person who is aspiring to be a model must be knowledgeable on how to work the business before stepping forward.


If you want to develop a successful career in modeling, then you need to find a good agent. Having a good agent can potentially “make or break” an aspiring model’s career. The best places to seek experienced and talented agents are in major cities and the surrounding metropolitan areas. Agents in metropolitan areas have relationships with big companies, brands and fashion houses where they can place aspiring models and help them shoot to stardom. If you want to get a hold of a good modeling agent, then you need to send your headshot and comp card to various talent agencies of choice via U.S.P.S. or online submission.

Headshots and comp cards

The most important and basic things needed to start to your modeling career are headshots and comp cards. Usually, a headshot is a picture with an 8×10-inch frame that only shows your shoulders and face. A comp card, also known as composite card, is a smaller version that shows full body different poses.


Along with a pretty face, you also need the right attitude and the right training. Proper training helps you to understand the mind of the photographer and how to deal with the camera. There are various modeling agencies that offer classes to educate and train aspiring models on the basics of modeling.

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