Top 5 Comfortable Work Shoes for Women

Unlike your casual and party shoes, your formal or work shoes need to place comfort over style. Now sometimes it may happen that you need to sacrifice style for comfort when it comes to your work shoes. Well, it may not be the same if you choose the right pair. So let me inform you of the five bestwork shoes for women that won’t make you sacrifice comfort for style.

Top 5 styles:

Flats –

Flats are an appropriate style for a person who is always on-the-go. Flat shoes are always very comfortable, especially if you are running from one meeting to another. You will get a variety of styles in flats, such as ballet flats, loafers, and driving moccasins; however,sometimes flats are not suitable for everyday work environment and women.

Wedge heels –

Another stylish and comfortable option forwork shoes are wedge heels. If you want some height, then this is the best option for you. With this style you are able to distribute your whole weight equally on the wedge heels for added comfort.

Kitten heels –

If you are short and want to look tall, then try out kitten heels. This style is as comfortable as flats; it’s a low heel which will provide you with one or two inches of height, depending on the specific shoe. Kitten heels are a good alternative to flats.

Shoes with cushioning –

Another very important thing that you must look for in your work shoes is proper cushioning. Be it flats or heels, cushioning makes your work shoe comfortable and easy to walk in, so look for shoes with proper padding and support inside.

Shoes with spacious toe boxes –

Narrow toe boxes make the experience of walking sad and uncomfortable. They cause crunching and shoe bite. Rather than giving yourself a painful experience, try to go for wider and spacious toe boxes that give your toes enough space to breathe.

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