How to Select Trendy Footwearto Pair withCapri Pants for Women:

Capri pants are trendy, sporty,and elegant, and can even become formal wear. It all depends on how you want to wear and accessorize them. When it comes to accessorizingCapri’s, the most important thing you must keep in mind is a good pair of footwear. How do you choose the right pair to give your Capri’s a trendy look? Simply follow these simple tips to help you choose the perfect footwear to go with your Capri pants.

Tips to select trendy footwear for Capri’s:

  • If you want your Capri’s to appear flirty, pairing them with strappy sandals or a wedge slip-on will do the trick. This look would be perfect for a pool party, summer BBQ, and even a beach party.
  • Want your Capri’s to come across more elegantly? It’s very possible if you wear the right pair of shoes. Slide on a pair of ballet flats or a heeled mule, and the elegant look will be achieved. This would be the perfect look for attending an evening summer party.
  • If you are planning to go sporty with your Capripants, then opt for canvas shoes or sneakers. It not only provides you a sporty look, but will also keep you super comfortable. Wearing your Capri’s with a pair of sneakers would be great for attending a picnic or family get-together.
  • Buying some Capri pants in bright, fun colors is a must! Go wild with your Capri’s, and choose colors or patterns that will pop.
  • Since Capri’s tend to be light-weight and casual, staying away from heavy shoes is a must. It will add weight to your feet and look odd paired with such a light pair of pants.

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