Tips to WearingYour Strapless Dress in the winter:

Most of us think that strapless dresses are only suitable for thespring and summer seasons. Well, there are always ways to sport your strapless dress during winter.Simply consider the following tips on how to add warmth and style to your strapless dress for the winter season.

How to wear strapless dress during thewinter:

  • You can always pair a soft cardigan with your favorite strapless dress. It gives you a stylish look, while keeping you warm and comfortable. For an evening out, you can always wear your favorite, black, strapless dress with a sequined cardigan. This will create a fabulous look for nights out on the town.Be sure you wear a bright color cardigan, like, red, green, burgundy, gold,or silver.While a little black (strapless) dress is always fashionable, the pop of color will be great for the dull months.
  • If you’re in an area where the temperatures are mild even during the winter months, try wearing a shawl or short-sleeved cardigan with your strapless dress. A knitted shawl looks great with a strapless dress, especially during theday time. It willgive you a chic look,while still keeping the chill off.
  • Another stylish way to wear your strapless dress inthe winter is to pair it with a fitted jacket.By leaving the jacket unbuttoned, you will show off yourstrapless dress and your fabulous jacket.
  • If you want an elegant and sophisticated look, tie a scarf around your neck.This will work great for an inside party, and will make your dress appear more seasonally appropriate. Try a thin, warm materialfor your scarf, like silk or cashmere.

As you can see, there are many stylish, easy ways to wear your summery, strapless dress during the winter season. Be sure to work with layers, adding dimension to your dress – jackets, cardigans, and scarves are great for that!

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