How to Pick a Good Winter Scarf:

Gone are the days when scarfs were used merely as cold weather necessities.Nowadays, scarves are the ultimate accessory to make a style statement with. Be it a man or a woman, everyone is sporting a good winter scarf.

Choosing a good winter scarf can be a little tricky,since there are so many designs and styles on the market. But consider these simple tricks and tips, and you can make your search an easy one.

  • Choose a winter scarf that goes well with the majority of your winter wardrobe,especially your basic winter jacket. Try to purchase a winter scarf that compliments the designand style of your go-towinter jacket. For example, if you have a patterned winter jacket,then selecta solid colored scarf.
  • Be sure to purchase a scarf that you feel cozy and comfortable in. This means choosing a fabric that you enjoy wearing. A wool scarf is great for those immune to its itchiness. If you can’t wear wool, cashmere or a warm, synthetic fabric may be the best bet.
  • When choosing a scarf, do remember why you are buying it. Purchasing a thin, short scarf that won’t protect you from the chill of winter is a waste of money. Pick a wide, long scarf that will cover your neck properly.  By doing so, you will insure your warmth throughout the winter months.
  • To insure you stay stylish, be sure that your scarf isn’t longer than your jacket (once wrapped properly). If you wear you scarf tucked into your jacket, you don’t want to look silly having the ends of your scarf hanging out of your jacket. Try on the scarf in a mirror to guarantee the length is appropriate for your jacket’s length.

Having a go-to winter scarf in your closet is great for the chilly days ahead. And following the above mentioned tips will allow you to purchase a functional, stylish, cozy scarf. So, once considering the tips to buying a great winter scarf, head to the store and find your next winter staple.

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