5 things to have in your winter wardrobe:

There are some basic winter wears that should be included in every winter wardrobe. They are not only essentials, but also timeless and versatile. The following are the top 5 pieces of clothing you need to include in your winter wardrobe.

ABlack suit:

Whether it is a single or double breasted suit, having a black suit for the winter months is absolutely essential. Make sure to purchase a suit that is made ofquality wool, since it will keep you warm and will last years. And because this black suit is going to be a staple in your wardrobe, you can purchase both a matching skirt and pants, to double your options.

ABlack dress:

A little black dress is a wardrobe necessity year-round. For the colder months, purchase a black dress that is made of a light wool or synthetic, so you stay stylish and warm.Having a black dress not only looks elegant, but is a very versatile option to have.

AWhite Blouse:

Having a white blouse in your winter wardrobe is a must, because it can be paired with so many of your existing pieces of clothing. Also, you can dress up or down your white blouse, making it extremely versatile. So, if you can afford to do so, purchase many white blouses in different styles.

Fitted Jeans:

A good pair of fitted jeans is a must for your winter wardrobe.You can pair them with practically every blouse, sweater, and jacket in your wardrobe. Jeans material will help to keep youwarm even through rough weathers, and can be paired with so manydifferent styles of boots.

Winter Boots:

Your winter wardrobe should include at least one great pair of winter boots.It is important to have a pair of winter boots, because aside from their stylishness, they will keep your feet warm and dry. If you can buy just one pair, then go for a pair of black boots with medium heels. These will go with just about every item in your closet.

While there are always more pieces that would be great for your winter wardrobe, the 5 above mentioned pieces are the necessities needed to get you through each rough winter. Make your winter wardrobe complete with a black suit, black dress, white blouse, fitted jeans, and a pair of winter boots.

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