Tips to Choosing a Long Pencil Skirt:

When wearing a skirt, it is important to have it not only look smart, but be comfortable as well.Women think wearing a pencil skirt is difficult and is better left to those with “good” bodies. The truth is though; every woman can wear a pencil skirt, no matter her size. The following tips and trick will help you to realize you can wear a pencil skirt, and look and feel great doing it.

  • First and foremost, discover the shape of your legs. Women who have straight legs will look fantastic with any length pencil skirt. Women with slightly-bowed legs look best inlonger pencil skirts. If you havecurvy legs, the most flattering style pencil skirt would be flared.
  • Next,you should have your measurements properly taken. Be sure thatthe pencil skirt fits comfortably and properlyon your hip and buttock.Before purchasing the skirt, sit and walk around in it. This will ensure that you will be comfortable wearing it throughout the day.
  • Choosethe color and fabric according to the purpose and occasion. For a formal occasion, light colors and designs are best. If you are wearing your skirt during the evening or to a party, bold colors and heavier fabrics are ideal.
  • Everyone wants to look great, but that doesn’t mean that youshould buy something that doesn’t make you lookgood. So, before purchasing your pencil skirt, make sure to consider your leg shape and body type.

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