5 Ways to Wear Your Boyfriend Jacket:

Have you ever thought of wearing your boyfriend’s jacket? You’re not the only one!It’s one of the latest trends of the season, and is looking very chic. Grab your man’s jacket and consider the following tips. You’ll be rocking the boyfriend jacket trend in no time.

5 ways to style your guy’s jacket:

1) You can always pair your boyfriend jacket with a good top,flirty skirt, and a pair of tights. This will add girlishness to your jacket, allowing you to have a good mix of masculine and feminine touches. Accessorize with a hand bag and a good pair of shoes to finish the outfit.

2) Pair your boyfriend jacket with a baggy shirt and a pair of tightsor leggings. Adding accessories, such as boots, a scarf, etc., will give your outfit more detail.

3) Sport your boyfriend jacket with a polo shirt, belt, and a pair of pants. This will give you an extremely bold, preppy, smart look. You can also amp up the look by adding a good pair of boots, classicsunglasses, ablack muffler, and a pair of gloves.

4) If you want to go casual with your boyfriend jacket, then try to pairing it with a white tank topor t-shirt, trendy belt, and a pair of blue jeans. You can enhance this casual look by adding a nice pair of sandals and a sporty watch.

5) Wear your boyfriend jacket with a patterned, knee-length dress, a pair of great looking sandals, and a clutch bag. This look will be great for an evening out, and will surely make you the center ofthe party.

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