Some Dos &Don’ts of a Hot Look:

Want to look hot and irresistible? There are many tips to know that will help you achieve that smokin’ look. These tips will help you to straddle the line of hot and hot mess. Consider the following:


  • Sometimes it’s so right to be different. Ignore trends and be yourself. Neutral makeup is always a sexy choice. Use a bit of foundation, some light pink lip gloss, and a neutral eye shadow.
  • Try to apply fragrances on your bare body, spritzing it before you get dressed. You can put a spray of it on your sensual parts, likeyour back, neck, wrists,behind yourears, and your cleavage.As your body naturally warms throughout the day, those parts will give off more of your fragrance.
  • A good lip makeup (lipstick, lip gloss, etc.)can completely change one’s appearance. It all depends on the color that you choose,whichcan be natural, dark, or dramatic.
  • Try to enhanceand accentuate your prettiest parts. You should always play up the parts you are most confident about.Whether it’s your eyes, lips, hands, etc.make them your hottest commodity.
  • In the end, always remember that smartand confidentis ultimately always hot and sexy. So, whatever you wearand however you look,make sure to carry yourself properly and look/act smart.


  • Sporting a ponytail can be cute and come across very girl-next-door. This only works when it’s smooth and neat. Wearing a messy, greasy ponytail is never a hot look. So, stay away from the unkempt ponytail-look.
  • Wearing eyeliner can make your eyes look great, but only when it’s worn properly. Avoid wearing eyeliner that’s overly smudged, as is more hot mess than hot.
  • Do you have silly habits? Are you “different?” Be who you are, no matter what. Putting on an act will be tiring, and not being who you truly are is not sexy. Be you, whoever that is.

Do you want to come across as hot and sexy to those around you? Always know that being hot is possible. If you follow the above tips, you will not only achieve the “hot look,” but you will surpass it. Our dos and don’ts will help you become the hot, sexy woman you have always wanted to be.

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