World’s Best Designer Eyewear Brands:

Thanks to the plethora ofdifferent designer brands, eyewear has become more of a style statement than a necessity.Nowadays, people are more likely to slip on a pair of glasses, since they have become such a fashion statement. There are many fashionable brands to choose eyewear from, but the following six brands will wow you with their many outstanding eyewear pieces.

Top 6 Designer Eyewear Brands:

The following brands are the best in eyewear, and are sure to have a pair that will make you stunning.


Gucciis a great name for eyewear. Their styles and designs have arugged and charismatic look. Their glasses are extremely striking and appealing, and can help you to achieve the 2008 Johnny Depp look.

Dolce &Gabbana:

Dolce &Gabbanais a luxury eyewear brand that is popular among celebrities. It’s renowned for its high quality designs and up-to-datestyles.The designs are bold,headstrong, and suitable to any face shape. Both Adele and Jessica Alba love rocking their D&G eyewear.


Policeis one of the coolest, funkiest brands out there, in regards to eyewear. This brand uses an immense amount ofcreativity in their designs. Unlike their name, their designs are unique, cool, and hip.

DKNY(Donna Karan New York):

DKNY is another growing designer when it comes to eyewear. DKNY designs are bold, straight-forward, and incorporatea lot of colors. Most of the products and designs are unisex, and are able to suitmany different people, no matter their features.

Ray Ban:

Ray Ban is a hundred year old brand founded by Bausch & Lomb. Ray Ban glasses are great for durability and optimal vision.While Ray Ban is popular for its long-lasting wear, they have stayed in style with their timeless fashions. The most popular Ray Ban styles are the Wayfarer and the Aviators.


Pradais another esteemed eyewear brand, which not only has great designs and styles, but has dominated the fashionworld for a long time.Today,Prada’sdesigns have amore sophisticated and sleek look, while boldly using different colors and materials.

Practically all hot designers have an eyewear line, and most of their designs and styles are good. When it comes to finding the most stylish and forward glasses, you need to find the right designer. DKNY, Dolce &Gabbana, Prada, Police, Gucci, and Ray Ban all have the best eye wear lines, and will never leave you disappointed. Next time you want a great pair of glasses, you know which brands to check out.

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