World Famous Watch Manufacturers:

“Tide and time wait for none” is one of the famous proverbs that we’ve all grown up with. Time is one thing that waits for no one, no matter the person, whether rich or poor. Therefore,it is essential that we keep equal space with our time.

Now, keeping equal space with time has been only possible withthe invention of watches, especially wrist watches, which can be carried/worn anywhere you go. Thanks to all those great watch manufacturers,keeping time has become as stylish as it has essential.

TheTop 5 Watches Manufacturers in the World:


It’s not only an esteem brand, but also the largest luxury watch manufacturer in the world. Rolex is a brandfrom Switzerland, which iswell known for its luxury wrist watches. Rolex was founded by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis in 1905. Rolex watches have always varied in price,according to the style watch and material used. In 1946, Hans Wilsdrofintroduced Tudor, a less expensive brand, which sells less costly watches under the Rolex brand.


Cartieris the second largest luxury watch manufacturer in the world. The company was founded by Louis-François Cartier in 1847, in Paris, France. Cartier has been known for serving and being associated with royal families, celebrities, and stars.


Swatchis one of the brand names of Swatch Groups. It was introduced in the Swiss market in 1983. The Swatch time pieces are very hi-tech and come in a variety of styles and designs. Swatch watches are not just a time piece, but a great style statementin itself.

Tag Heuer:

Tag Heuer is another Swiss luxury watch manufacturer which is known mainly for its chronographs and sports watches. It was found by EdouardHeuer in 1860. This brand isknown for its quality, luxury timepieces,which include Aquaracer,Carrera,Formula One, Monaco, and many more.


Titanis the leading watch manufacturer in India, and ranks 6th in the world’s watch market. The company is a joint venture between the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation and the Tata Group.There are different brands that sell watches under the parent company Titan, such asSonata,Fastrack, Xylys, Octane, etc.

If you are looking for a quality, luxury watch, you can see there are many brands to select a watch from. While the five above-mentioned watch brands are all excellent, they each specialize in certain watch types. While you may go to Tag Heuer for a sporty watch, Swatch may be for you if you want a bright, look-at-me time piece. Regardless of what style watch you are looking for, Rolex, Cartier, Titan, Swatch, and Tag Heuer are all wonderful brands to purchase a watch from.

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