This Season’s Essentials:

We all like to update our wardrobes according to the latest fashiontrends. It’scurrently that time of year when you need to give yourself and your wardrobe a makeover. The following items are pieces that should make it into your closet.

ABlack Suit:

Are you still missing a classic black suit from your wardrobe? If so, then it’s time to purchase one. A classic black suit is a worthy investment, and can be worn at almost any kind of occasion. A black suit gives you a smart and elegant look. To get more out of your suit, you can wear the jacket or trousers/skirt separately. You will still exude a sophisticated vibe, and will get more for your money.


Leather is something everyone must have in their wardrobe. Leather is trendy, fashionable, and always sexy.Consider purchasing a leatherjacket, tights, slim dress, or skirt. Whichever piece will work best with your existing wardrobe may be your best bet.Pairing your leather with softsweaters or velvetfabrics will create a strong style statement.

ABoyfriend Jacket:

A boyfriend jacket is a great piece for winters. You can style the jacket in numerous ways that will be appropriate for various occasions. For a club vibe, add wide-legged pants anda vintage blouse. It can also look stunning with harem pants or soft chiffon dresses.The boyfriend jacket is very versatile, so use your imagination when deciding what to wear with it.

Power Shoulders:

Yes, this 80s style is back in fashion, again. It may seem like a difficult style pull off, but it’s easier than it appears. You can easily pair a power shouldered sweater with tights and a slim skirt.If the thought of wearing shoulder pads frightens you a bit, keep all other pieces of your ensemble low key. This will allow you to feel confident, and the shoulder pads won’t seem to take center stage.


Wearing a jumpsuitusually requires a clean, crisp look. To make a simple jumpsuit a bit edgier, without over-doing it, pair it with hard-edged booties.Try to keep your accessories minimal, and have only one statement piece in your outfit. This will keep you looking classy, so you can avoid a fashion faux-pas.


A gilet is usuallymade out of wool, and is a great cover-up for this winter. You can easily wear a gilet with abohemian, floral dress, your t-shirts, draped evening dress, jeans, etc.A gilet is very versatile, and can give you a very fashion-forward look. If you’re nervous to try the style, keep your outfit in neutral colors. This will allow you to feel confident while trying out a new style.

While there are always numerous new trends to try each fashion season, the above mentioned pieces are the essentials of your wardrobe. Next time you go out shopping for some new pieces for your closet, purchase the essentials above, and you’ll be styling all season!

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