Top 5 Indian Male Fashion Models:

They are hot, macho, and every Indian girl’s dream. Yes, i am referring to the following five hunks, who not only made it to the top via their modeling career, but also into millionsofwomen’shearts.


Milindis known as one of the most established and successful Indian models.He was born on November 4th, 1965, in Scotland, to Marathi parents. Milind, who is a supermodel-turned-actor, still retains his popularity as a model. Hisacting career includes films such asBheja fry, Asoka,16th December, and many more. He did his first modeling assignment with ThackerseyFabrics. He has also followed his own ethical values, and refuses to do assignments related to tobacco and liquor products.

Muzamil Ibrahim:

Muzamilwas born on August 25th, 1984. He is an Indian national, born and raised in the Indian state of Jammu &Kashmir. In 2003, he was the winner of the Gladrags Manhunt Contest. To date, Muzamil has worked on 15 modeling campaigns, which includes Siyaram, Hide & Seek biscuits, Bajaj Pulsar, etc. As an actor, he has been in several music videos, as well as one movie.


This successful model was born on April 28th, 1974. He is a model turned actor, whoappeared in many Hindi movies,such asPage 3, Fiza, etc.Vikram also won the Graviera Man of the Year Awardin 2004. He is a man with a great modeling career, but not a great acting career.

Marc Robinson:

Marc is an Indian model-turned-choreographer, whowas born on February 3rd, 1968. He primarily worked as a model, taking part in many big modeling assignments.He also tried his hand at acting,playing the major character in Bada Din. At present,Marc is following his passion for dance by working as a choreographer.

Rahul Dev:

Rahul is another popular Indian in thefashion industry. He is well known for his chiseled features and rugged looks. A model-turned-actor, Rahul got his first Filmfare award as the Best Villain in 2001. Throughout his modeling career, he has been associated with many major modeling assignments and campaigns.

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