Different Types of Indian Wedding Outfits for Women:

The most exciting part of attending an Indian wedding is selecting the outfit you want to wear. Especially for ladies, it’s a fun activity to go shopping to buy the dress, jewelry, makeup, purse, shoes, etc. Whereas for men,it’s more of a low key, though still stylish affair.

What to wear in an Indian wedding:
Whether you’re a woman or man, there are a number of choices when it comes to Indian wedding attire. One can dress up in western formal/party attire, but later onyou may regret not wearing an Indian outfit.

Indian Wedding Attire for Women:

Women have no boundaries when choosing the color of their outfit. Usually there are three types of wedding outfit for women. They arethe following:


A sareeis the most popular and ethnic attire, when it comes to wedding and other special ceremonies. Wearingasareecan be alittle bit trickyat first, butwith a little bit of practice youcan becomean expert. Usually, a saree comes in lengths of seven to nine yards. You can make your saree blouse into different styles, like a halter, sleeveless, etc.


A lehengais a long skirt, with a choli(blouse) and a dupatta(long scarf). In thisstyle, both thecholi andthelehengaget the show. There are different styles and cuts of cholisavailable, so there are many options. Lehengas are easier to wear thansarees, and are more popular with young girls.


A salwarkameezis the most comfortable and easy to wear outfit for any body type. It comes with a kameez(shirt),a pant (either loose or tight-fitting), and dupatta, which can be styled up in manydifferent ways.

As you can see, when attending an Indian wedding, there are many different clothing options available to you. Make sure to get out of your comfort zone a bit, and wear beautiful, bright colors to accent your fashion-forward Indian attire.

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