How to Choose a Good, Budget Friendly Women’s Wrist Watch?

Wrist watches for women usually serve two purposes. They not only act as a time piece, but also act as a fashion accessory. Women tend to buy more than one wrist watch, having one for specific occasions – One for sport activities, one for daily/regular use, and one for special occasions.

Tips to selecting the best watch:

To choose the perfect wrist watch (within your budget), you should keep certain factors in mind. Always consider the following:


First and foremost, figure out for what setting you will be wearing the watch. Do you need it for theoffice or for the gym?Watches features differ depending on their intended purpose. You need to check which watches have different features, and decided which one you’re your needs the best. For sport or beach use, you should make sureit is waterproof/sweat proof. When it comes to choosing a watch for daily use, you can select a color that goes with allofyour office-wear, and also make sure the strap is comfortable on you. For special/party occasions, you can select something lavish or exotic. Watches studded with diamonds and other jewels are perfect for these occasions. You can even choose a strap that is a luxe animal print (such as ostrich or alligator).


Next, you must determine yourbudget before you go shopping. This will help you to rule out watches that don’t meet your budget requirements.Having two great watches as opposed to one is always great, so try to pick two stunning watches that each fit your budget, instead of one more expensive watch.


Lastly,make sure to choose the style and pattern that suits your personality best. It can be simple or expressive, all depending on what you like best. You may like a big dial,or maybe a petite one. Just make sure to choose a style watch that is perfect for you, even if it’s not “on trend.”

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