Rules of Style for Men

Style matters for men as much as for women. Men should experiment and find their style.

Seven Rules of Style

  • First and foremost, a man should feel confident and comfortable in their attire. It is very important that clothes should enhance personality.
  • Men should know how to carry themselves with colorful clothing. They could experiment with bright colors like purple, or electric blue.
  • Men should try to get over the fear of jewelry. Men of the past looked excellent with jewelry, whether that be a long, black silver chain or some stylish, funky rings.
  • Shoes say a lot about a man. There’s the saying: ‘You can tell a lot about a person by their shoes’. Shoes should be clean, smart, and match the outfit.
  • A man can carry a handbag if it has a masculine design and style.
  • A man’s fragrance is important, and he should choose fragrances for different moods and events.
  • Different prints and colors look great on a man, if carried out properly.

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