Top Five Stylish Sunglasses

Today sunglasses are more of a style statement than a necessary item. Sunglasses are quickly climbing up the trendy ladder. There are tons of different styles and designs for sunglasses in the market.

Sunglasses enhance your look and add a stylish touch to your persona. However,  if you choose the wrong style then it can be just the opposite. So, it is necessary that you choose the right one for you. To make your choice an easy on here are the five trendiest sunglasses.

Oversized Lenses

Oversized lenses are the most happening thing in sunglasses. They are trendy and look sexy. Oversized lenses call for an oversize frame. As a bonus, these large lenses provide UV protection as well. These sunglasses got their popularity after superstars like Marilyn Monroe wore them. Today, you will definitely find at least one pair of them made by major sunglasses companies.

Bug Eyes

Bug eyes are another trendy style of sunglasses. They have a very chic and hip-hop look. They resemble the shades that were worn by Elvis Presley. It usually covers your whole face with their big lenses and wide frames. If you don’t choose the right pair, it may look goofy on your face. So before choosing one, try on a few pairs.

Cat Eyes

Cat eyes are a classic yet trendy frame. They got their origins in the 1950s, but it still has its charm and popularity today. This style is mainly marketed by brands like Gucci. Cat eyes are trendy and used by many stars and models for a change from the usual goggles and oversized lenses.


Goggles are the most popular sunglasses out there, especially with celebrities. They stay on your face and don’t move in any circumstances. These sunglasses are mainly influenced by sport sunglasses and are a major hit with people from all lifestyles. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab a pair for yourself!

Square Frames

Square frames are funky and stylish. These sunglasses are unique from other types of sunglasses as most other frames have either round or oval frames. You will mostly find Drew Barrymore sporting these sunglasses. If you are planning to buy a pair, then get a color shade frame and lenses that matches it. This will give you an extra edge and also a stunning look.

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