Tips For Choosing a Good Pair of Dancing Shoes

The right pair of shoes or footwear is very essential for any form of dance. One should choose the appropriate shoes to have a good and comfortable dance experience. Whether you are a master in dance or a beginner, you’ll need to have the right pair. So let’s have a look at the factors that you should keep in mind while purchasing dancing shoes.

Type of dance

Different dance forms require different types of dancing shoes. Be sure to consider the type of dancing you’ll be doing before making your purchase.

Width and Size

The right fitis a very important thing to consider when choosing your dancing shoes. Many of us may have narrow feet, flat feet or wide feet and manufacturers can differ greatly as to how their shoes will actually fit, so it is imperative that you try them on before purchasing.Wearing uncomfortable shoes can really hinder your ability to dance and spoil a good time.

Material of the shoe

Now you can choose leather or synthetics, but it is always advisable to choose a material that will let your feet breathe.Moisture from perspiration can cause discomfort and chafing.  Choosing a material that breathes can help reduce moisture and make you feel light on your feet.

Heelsize and style

Usually one should choose a heel height between 2 – 2 1/2 inches. Now heel height varies from dancer to dancer. One who is comfortable with heels can also go for a 3 inch heel, but try to avoid big and heavy heels.

Material of the sole

The sole of a dancing shoe has to be flexible, sturdy and non-slippery. While purchasing,check out these three important factors pertaining to the sole. Usually leather, chrome and suede are used in making soles for dance footwear.

Things to Consider

  • Dance shoes should be comfortable and fit well.
  • They should be light in weight.
  • Wide straps are more supportive than thin straps.
  •  They should have a soft sole that is sturdy and flexible.

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