Top 5 Indian Supermodels

Indian women possess a kind of beauty and mystique that is simply breathtaking. Today Indian models are recognized worldwide and have been acclaimed for their work and glamour. Times have changed, and modeling is now considered a respectable profession in India. In India, many models have crossed over into Indian cinema. There are many well- known Bollywood actors and actresses who started their careers in modeling before they became actors.

India has produced a number of models in past years.  Manyof them had made it to the top and are recognized internationally. Let’s get to know some of these supermodels.


Known as the Naomi Campbell of India, NayonikaChatterjee is one of the top supermodels who did not try to get into Indian films. She loves to work as a runway model, and has worked with top Indian designers like RohitBal, HemantTrevedi, TarunTahiliani, RohitKhosla and many more. Her skin color popularized the “dusky look” in Indian fashion.


UjjwalaRaut is considered India’s most accomplished supermodel. She was 17 years old when she won Elite’s ‘Look of the Year’ contest held by Femina magazine in 1996. She started her modeling career with DeBeers Jewelers and later worked for renowned international brands like Victoria’s Secret, Dolce &Gabbana, Valentino, Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, Oscar de la Renta, Gap and many more.

Nina Manuel

Nina Manuel is one of the most popular and celebrated models in the Indian fashion world. She is not only a popular face in the Indian fashion industry, but also a very well-known television personality. She has worked with all the top Indian designers. She was the winner of Femina magazine’s ‘Look of theYear’contest for Elite models in 1995.


These twin model sisters are the next Indian supermodels on the list.  Their names are just one of the amazing things about them. TupurTapur is a Bengali term which describes sound of rain drops like “pitter-patter”. Both the sisters have worked for Park Avenue, Lakme, and Titan Raga. They were also on the covers of different magazines like Cosmopolitan, Femina, and Elle etc. For these sisters, modeling is the main thing on their agenda and they are not interested in Bollywood right now.

Jesse Randhawa

What an attitude this lady carries whenever she walks on the runway! She is a model with attitude and it is a sheer delight watching her on the runway. She has been a favorite among the designers and with the spectators. With her style and elegance she makes a simple outfit dazzle.

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