Junk Jewelry: The Latest Trend

Jewelry has always been a weakness for women. Usually when it comes to jewelry, our minds automatically start thinking about gold, silver, diamond, or platinum. Unfortunately, with today’s growing trends, there is one more thing that has been added to this criterion. Yes, it is none other than artificial jewelry, which is popularly known as: junk jewelry, funky jewelry, bling jewelry, or imitation jewelry.

Junk jewelry is mostly popular with teenagers. Go to any college, and you will surely find both girls and guys wearing these types of jewelry. They can be anything from a pendant to a brace late. Today even businessmen prefer them to gold and silver jewelry. This jewelry appeals to anyone as it can enhance any type of style

This jewelry is available in different types and shapes. It is usually lighter and cheaper compared to gold and silver.

Materials used in making junk jewelry

Junk jewelry can be made of any kind of material; many of the things around you can be creatively used to make it. Frequently it includes plastic, metals, glass, and stones; other times it usesunique materials like clay, shells, jute, bone, horn, bead, paper and terracotta. Tribal jewelry, which is made of bone, horn, and other natural materials,is also considered to be junk jewelry and is also a very popular and current trend.


Today junk jewelry is popular with people from all countries. It is a current trend and a new addition to world fashion. Asian countries like India and China are the major creators of this kind of jewelry. There is a great amount of demand for this jewelry in western countries like the US, UK and Australia.

Reasons behind the popularity

  • Light weight
  • Easily affordable
  • Different types of colors, designs, and styles
  • Goes with most attire

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