Steal a Style

Understanding and imitating a celebrity’s look lacks ingenuity. However, it gives you the benifit of having the experience and hard-work of an entire panel of designers and make- up artists without paying for it! Most celebrities spend a fortune on their look as their career and future fortunes depend on it. Finding a celebrity whose look works for you is an easy route to glamour street. You may want to keep in mind any physical differences you have from your chosen celebrity. For example, if you are a lot shorter than Kate Moss, it may not be a good idea to wear the jump suits she can carry off. Therefore rather than mere imitation, it requires an understanding of your own assets and flaws.
Here are three very different celeb looks you could steal.
Cheryl Cole:
She has been voted FHM’s sexiest woman this year. Her wardrobe certainly has a prominent role to play in that. She perfects the barbie- doll look. She wears a lot of tiny skirts and dresses, usualy in bright colours. If you are not very confident with bare legs, team it up with leggings.Invest in fitted dresses in block colours. The bigger the bag. the better and chose eye- catching colours. Accesorize dresses with belts. The focus though-out is on a girlish look. Make-up is all about the shades that fall between peach and purple.Pointed High heels are a constant presence. And don’t forget the lovely brown hair- extentions.
Cheryl Colecheryl colecheryl cole
If you are a person who loves to be a rebel in fashion, this could be your thing. Rihanna does nothing conventional. You can pair up anything you like, for example, a corset with casual jeans. Quirky shoes, preferably with feature heels may be the thing for you. You may want to wear glittery bikini tops under sheer vests. Now, if you like the look but are not very confident of going for it, you could try just one of her trends at a time. Just a glittery cap with your regular casual wear or a regular dress with knee- high PVC boots. Rihanna choses hair- styles that grab eye-balls.This look is very liberating as you can burn all fashion rules but it can be a very bold. If you dress only for yourself and are not bothered about what others think of our clothes, this look may appeal to you

Danni Minogue:
She eludes class. Nothing flashy or tacky here. The hair is sleek and the make up is usually darker shades like red, maroon and brown. You could try an all white ensemble with gold-coloured accessories. Alternatively black sheer jackets add glamour when paired with an all black ensemble. Her look is mature and elegant. The cuts are all sharp and well-defined. Nothing flowly and no bubble- gum colours. She eludes power and restrain. The look works well for formal occassions particularly work- related ones. It is also a look more popular with those in their thirties and upwards rather than teenagers. However, if you are someone who loves elegance, this look fits you no matter what your age.


Dannii Minoguedannii minoguedannii minogue
– Lena Fernandez

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