Throw a toga party

Togas were traditionally worn by the Romans. They were generally 20-meter long pieces of cloth that were coupled with the famous stringed roman sandals. This ancient custom has now caught on as a fashion trend in many American and European countries. Toga parties are not uncommon in many parts of Canada and America. They are especially popular with college and university students.

Go ahead, be in the league as the rest of them or go one step further, and throw your very own toga party. Give your friends tips on how to tie a toga. For the guys, it is no big deal really. A twin bed sheet would do just fine. For the girls, however, it can be a little tricky. Togas were not traditionally worn by the women in ancient Rome, but now contemporary fashion insists we treat men and women alike. The girls, therefore, might just want to be a little more indulgent withspending money on the proper cloth. It could be an immensely challenging task to pull off a female toga with just a twin bed sheet, unless of course safety pins are allowed at your party. Settle for a bigger piece of cloth, and browse through all of the videos on YouTubeso that you can distinguish yourself from other girls. Some of the videos posted are indeed extremely creative and not very difficult to follow and replicate at home with nil or little assistance.

Go natural and accessorize your outfit with flower garlands for the Hawaiian twist, or pair it up with beadstone accessories. You wouldn’t want to indulge in too much accessorizing though. The toga outfit is supposed to look natural and convey the bare minimum. If you want to give your outfit that little extra twist, get yourself some exotic curls. They are definitely very Roman. Remember Troy?!

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