Top 10 Ways to be a Fashionista

It’s not exactly hard work to become a fashionista. Here are some tips:

1. Brighten up your style

Toss aside those blacks and blues and grays; they are for retired folks. Wear lively colors and make heads turn.

2. Experiment

Switch up your hair, make-up, and shoes. Create a novelty out of your own imagination. Whatever you wear, flaunt it with style.

3. Take risks

If anybody suggests a new accessory, clothing style, or new haircut, be willing to take risks. Don’t be resigned to the tried and testedstyles; they are boring!

4. Street shop

Some of the coolest and hippest stuff is found on the streets. Indulge in picking up that cute-looking top at the beach or the funky bead jewelry found at a shop along the road.

5. Be unique

If the style of your peer group looks a bit monotonous, take the lead and break the trend. Stand out. You can just tell them, “I felt like dressing up a little different today.”

6. Be presentable

No matter where you go, remember that you might encounter someone you’d benefit from making a good impression on. Always dress to impress.

7. Attitude

Fashion is all about attitude. You have to have a fun-loving adventurous attitude. Take risks and open up. Life is enjoyed by those who break free.

8. Confidence

Confidence is attractive. Be secure in yourself and who you are. People will flock to have conversations with you only if you show them that you know what you are talking about.

9. Indulge

Take time to pamper yourself. Make that a priority. Indulge in shopping sprees. Do all that you have wanted to do. Never give yourself the chance to think, “I wish I had the time to…”

10. Socialize

Surround yourself with people. Talk to them. You’ll learn a lot and make much better conversation as a result.

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