Cures for the Compulsive Shopping Addiction

Watched “Confessions of a Shopaholic” recently and couldn’t help but identifywith it? Well, if you have the doom-heralding urge of throwing away all your money on expenditures, we can help you with some tips.

1. Indulge in one shot:

Buy in bulk in order to get everything that you need or fancy. You will not feel like picking up another pieceuntil the next season arrives. Shopaholism can often be the consequence of shopping frequently, sometimes a little every day.

2. Make a donation resolution:

For every 100 dollars that you spend, donate 5 dollars to the local charity. This will keep your shopping splurges in check, and if it doesn’t, those in need will get some benefit from it.

3. Avoid taking your boyfriend/husband along:

The incentive to spend huge amounts on items that will have to be towed home by you alone will be much less

4. Spend on others:

Rather than indulging in spending money on yourself, pick up gifts for your loved ones.

5. Learn to window shop:

It is not always necessary to buy something from every shop you enter. Everybody loves to window shop; it satisfies that desire to look at beautiful things. You need not be different in this aspect.

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