50’s Clothing and Style for Women

The fashion of the‘50s was very much inspired by the trends that were prevalent in the late ‘40s.The only difference was that there was a certain freshness and novelty added to the look. The fashion of those times included everything from evening gowns, short and long skirts, denim jeans and jacket, accessories, scarves, bags, matching jewelry, etc.

50’s Style for Women:

The style of the ‘50s included couture gowns, eveningwear, prom dresses, daily wears, and many other things. Some of these are detailed below:

·         Couture Gown:

This was a large dress made from silk. It was divided into four different sections all having different colors. The front of the body and skirt were alternating ivory and pastel peach, whereas the back was alternating pale rose and blue.

·         Evening Gowns:

These came into being as a result of 50’s fashion only. They were the highlights of most parties.Women used to wear them with accessories. These gowns had tiny waists and gave a luxurious and feminine look to whomever wore them. The gowns were neckless, strapless dresses in taffeta, lace, nets, tulle, chiffon, satin, or even nylon.

·         Cocktail Dresses:

These were short dresses with high necklines. They were not typically worn before 6 pm. They were made from brocade, silk, lace, grosgrain, chiffon, lustrous satin, and even floral and abstract prints.

·         Full-Skirted Dresses:

These were usually worn in daytime. The skirts’ length may be of calf lengthwith a small waist. The material of these skirts varies from cotton to satin and cotton mixed. These skirts had matching fabric belts with botanical or floral prints over them.The most common of the designs was cabbage and rose print.

·         Straight Sheath Dresses:

These were worn during the day time. They were straight and fitted to wear. The dresses were normally sleeveless and accompanied by a cap.

·         Shirtwaist:

The shirts that were worn in those times were normally atop of the waist and worn with long or short skirts. These shirts had three quarter sleeves and had turnback cuffs. Most of them were made from stripped fabrics of typical combinations such as navy blue and white, emerald and white, pink and white, and plain shirts in strong colors like turquoise or coal.

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